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Art & Special Collections

The Special Collections within the Library Services broken down into different themes.

Balint Papers

The papers, which occupy 48 box files, are chiefly concerned with the professional life of the psychoanalyst Enid Balint, although much material also relates to the work of her husband Michael Balint, disciple of Sandor Ferenczi, one of the fathers of modern psychoanalysis. The collection comprises professional correspondence, drafts and typescripts of books and papers, as well as Balint Society minutes and papers. Of particular interest are typescripts of the Freud - Ferenczi letters, 1908-1933, recently edited for publication by Brabant, Falzeder and Giampieri-Deutsch.


Letters between Michael Balint and Ernest Jones, 1951-1970

Sigmund Freud Collection *

This collection is on permanent loan to the Library by generous agreement of Mark Paterson Associates and the Freud Beneficiaries. The collection comprises some 2,000 volumes, 4,500 photocopies of letters, 2,500 typescripts of letters and 2,700 original letters (including 39 in the hand of Sigmund Freud).

Georg Groddeck Archive Of Oscar Köllerström

This collection comprises some 50 books and journal articles published by the German psychoanalyst Georg Groddeck (1866-1934). The collection also includes 30 letters from Georg Groddeck to Oscar Köllerström (a pupil of Groddeck), Mary Collins (a translator of Groddeck's works), and Groddeck's sister. In addition, the collection includes an almost complete run of Die Arche (1925-1927), translations (in typescript) of 'Conference psychoanalytiques à l'usage des malades and Der Seelensucher : ein psychoanalytischer Roman', and 27 photographs and sketches of George Groddeck. 


Angela Harris /James Strachey Collection

This collection was purchased by the Library from Mark Paterson & Associates. It comprises proof copies of 'The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud' and 'The Pelican Freud Library', together with related correspondence and notes.

David Holt Collection

This collection of books relating to analytical psychology was previously owned by the Jungian scholar David Holt (1926-2002) and was donated to the Library by his widow, Edith Holt, in summer 2007. In addition to specific works on Jungian analysis, the collection includes titles in allied disciplines such as philosophy, religion, mythology and literature. Of particular interest is the fact that many of the books include annotations made by David Holt.

Irene Pickard Jung Archive

This archive, comprising both manuscript materials and printed books, was placed on permanent deposit with the Library in 2013 by Dr Alison Bush, a Colchester Quaker.  The archive brings together items assembled by her mother, Irene Pickard, over a period of more than 40 years, but concentrate on her time in Geneva in the 1930s, when she was part of a circle of Quakers with connections to the League of Nations. Many of these Quakers, including Irene Pickard, became interested in the work of Carl Gustav Jung, and Jungian scholarship is the main focus of the archive. One notable aspect of the collection are the papers of the Seeker Group/Movement, a collective of non-Quaker Jung enthusiasts. The papers have been listed by local Quaker archivist, Ros Thomas, while the books will eventually be searchable via the Library catalogue.

Juliet Mitchell Archive *

This collection of papers and allied books relate to the life and work of Professor Juliet Mitchell (born 1940), the prominent New Zealand-born psychoanalyst, socialist feminist and pioneer of gender studies. The collection, which was placed on permanent deposit by Professor Mitchell in 2011.

Benjamin Wolstein Archive

This small collection is devoted to the New York psychoanalyst Benjamin Wolstein (died 1998), a leading authority on transference and countertransference. It was donated to the Library in 2018 by Cristobal Garibay-Petersen, who acquired it from Wolsein’s nephew, Carlos David Wolstein. The archive contains a typescript interview with Wolstein, offprints of several scholarly articles, and correspondence with, among others, the philosopher John Dewey and the psychologist Erich Fromm.

B.B. Zeitlyn Memorial Library *

This major collection of works on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis – which celebrates the life and work of Dr Bernard Zeitlyn, Consultant  in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, 1957-1979 – was placed on permanent deposit with the Albert Sloman in 2009 by Alice Zeitlyn and the B.B. Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund. The books, which were previously housed in Cambridge, are not held in Special Collections storage, but have been catalogued and distributed throughout the Library’s wider collection. This arrangement makes them readily accessible both to students of psychoanalysis within the University and to trainee psychotherapists in the region; who enjoy borrowing access to the Albert Sloman Library’s entire printed holdings upon recommendation by the Zeitlyn Training Fund.