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Art & Special Collections

The Special Collections within the Library Services broken down into different themes.

Alport Papers

This collection includes the political and personal papers of Lord Alport, M.P. for Colchester division of Essex (1950-61); Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Commonwealth Relations Office, 1957-1959; Minister of State, Commonwealth Relations Office, 1959-1961; British High Commissioner in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1961-63; a Deputy Speaker, House of Lords, 1971-82, 1983-94; Adviser to the Home Secretary, 1974-82; High Steward of Colchester, 1967-. Of particular note are his papers concerning the 'One Nation' group (1951-56) and correspondence and papers as Special Representative to Rhodesia, June-July 1967.

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Boundary Commission For England Papers (1992-1993) #

In May 1995 copies of the transcripts of public enquiries and Assistant Commissioners' reports relating to the boundaries of parliamentary constituencies were received by the Albert Sloman Library. More recently, the collection has been supplemented by copies of representations and documentation submitted at the public enquiries, together with minutes of Boundary Commission meetings, May 1988-February 1995. In all, the collection consists of 86 boxes of papers. A preliminary list has been prepared.

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Lord Brimelow Papers

Papers of the late Thomas Brimelow (Ambassador, Poland 1966-69; Deputy Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office 1969-73; Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office & Head of Diplomatic Service 1973-75). The papers include lecture notes, correspondence and newspaper cutting relating to the Cold War during the period 1956-1988, together with material concerning repatriation and the Yalta Repatriation Agreement, and the obligation to carry out an agreement. The collection includes typescript drafts (incomplete) of a text in preparation, 'The Yalta Repatriation Agreements', with photocopies of associated Foreign Office and War Office papers dating from 1944-1947.

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Ian Budge Archive

Emeritus Professor Ian Budge (MA Edinburgh, PhD Yale) has been associated with the Essex Department of Government from 1966, when he helped to organise it and promote international initiatives such as the Summer School in Quantitative Methods, the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and the coding of party manifestos in over 50 post-war democracies. In this consortium he has held visiting fellowships and professorships in six countries across the globe. His Archive reflects these research and teaching, being particularly rich in documents relating to political science organisation and theoretical development at Essex and across the world leading up to his comprehensive synthesis Politics: A Unified Introduction to How Democracy Works (London, New York, Routledge 2019).  

Charter 88 Archive #

Having its origins in a letter published in the New Statesman in 1988, Charter 88 is a non-party organisation which argues for increased democracy and freedom, as well as civil, political and human rights, through constitutional and electoral reform in the UK. Occupying some 22 metres of shelving, the archives encompass committee papers and minutes, publications, conference proceedings, correspondence, press cuttings, audio/video tapes, as well as lists of Charter signatories.

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Crewe Elections Archive #

A small collection of material relating to UK general elections in the late 20th century (1979-1992), chiefly BBC Election Survey poll data and Harris Research Centre opinion polls, together with various press cuttings, newspaper opinion polls, and pieces of electoral analysis. Contents: Box 1, 1979-1983; Box 2: 1983-1987; Box 3: 1987; Box 4: 1992.

Ellis East European Elections Collection #

This collection was presented in October 2002 by Mr. Andrew Ellis, OBE, technical adviser on international democracy and governance issues, and Coordinator of the OSCE Observation Mission for Registration of Voters in Bosnia and Hercegovina in 1997. It comprises posters, leaflets, stickers, flags and other ephemera relating to the first democratic elections in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, along with a substantial number of contemporary newspapers reporting on these landmark events. The majority of the collection has been sorted and arranged by country/region. An outline list of this collection is available from Archives Hub.

Sir Vincent Evans Collection #

This is a collection of the personal case files of Sir Vincent Evans from his time as a judge of the European Court of Human Rights, 1980-1991, and as a member of the Human Rights Committee set up under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1977-1984. The 54 box files contain handwritten notes, background documentation (including applicants' memorials and records of hearings), news cuttings and miscellaneous reports. An index for this collection of personal case files has been prepared by the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex, and is available on request within the Library.

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S.E. Finer Papers #

Working papers of the late Professor S.E. Finer when Professor of Political Institutions, University of Keele, 1950-66. The papers are concerned with transport policy in the UK, 1945- c. 1955 and include press cuttings, extracts from transport journals, notebooks, correspondence with transport user groups and trade unions, notes on transport legislation and drafts of various chapters of an unpublished work on transport policy. The collection also includes some 160 items of "grey literature" relating to transport policy and the T.U.C.

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Amy Zahl Gottlieb Collection *

Amy Zahl Gottlieb worked from 1944 to 1952 for the Central British Fund for German Jewry (CBF), then went to America to take up a post at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign where she started a programme in holocaust education, and returned to Britain in the late 1980s to act as the CBF’s honorary historian and archivist. She donated her personal library, and some 46 reels of microfilm, reproducing the Archives of the Central British Fund and the text of the Jewish Chronicle from 1937 to 1939, to the Library in 2002. The collection contains approximately 200 books relating to the Holocaust, Jewish history, and Anti-Semitism. It also contains books on a range of historic topics, including several works on American immigration.

Bernie Hamilton Archive

In 2007 the Library acquired the books and papers of the renowned human rights scholar and activist Bernie Hamilton (1945-2005) from his widow Dr Mirilee Pearl. Bernie Hamilton, who taught at universities in both the UK and the US, is perhaps best known for his work with organisations such as Doctors for Human Rights (DHR), Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and the Leo Kuper Foundation, a body dedicated to the eradication of genocide worldwide. The Archive comprises some 14 metres of specialist documents, papers and reports, which are currently housed in the Library’s Special Collections, and a substantial number of books on law, human rights and politics which have been integrated into the Library’s main collection of printed works. The archive is classified according to the following classification scheme (please note: the archive does not hold in depth material on all subjects outlined in this document):

Lord Hill Of Wivenhoe Papers #

The principal part of this collection consists of ephemeral pamphlets which are of particular interest to the study of labour history and the growth of the Unions. (Lord Hill was a member of the General Council, Trades Union Congress, 1948-65 and Chairman of the T.U.C. in 1961). Most of the pamphlets were obtained by Lord Hill during the course of his working life. There is a large file of newspaper cuttings relating to all periods of Lord Hill's life and activities, together with some of his personal and official correspondence. The collection was presented to the University in 1970 by Lady Hill.

Human Rights Centre (Right To Health Unit Archive)

In 2002, Professor Paul Hunt (Department of Law/Human Rights Centre) was appointed to the post of United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health ("right to health" or "right to the highest attainable standard of health"). This Archive contains documents on the work that Professor Hunt has carried out in his capacity as Special Rapporteur (Aug 2002-July 2008), as well as the work of other staff at the Right to Health Unit, Human Rights Centre, working in support of the mandate. The collection comprises of monographs that will be added to the main collection and a number of boxes of papers, reports and specialist documents covering areas such as: essential medicines; undocumented migrants/asylum seekers; right to water; right to food and housing; environmental health; human rights and health in India; documents on the situation in Darfur; impact assessments; indicators; participation and accountability; guidelines and more.

See also: Human Rights Centre: Right to Health Unit webpage.

David Kerr Papers #

This collection consists of publications and correspondence of Dr David Leigh Kerr, M.P. (Labour) Wandsworth Central, 1964 - 70 and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, 1967 - 69. In addition to the papers of various societies and organisations with which Dr Kerr was associated, for example the Socialist Medical Association, the collection also includes a large number of transcripts of health education talks which he gave on commercial radio between 1965 and 1966.

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Anthony King Archive

Anthony Stephen King (universally known as Tony King) was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1934. He came to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in 1956; taking his doctorate there in 1962. King was recruited to the new Department of Government at Essex in 1966 and remained there until his death in 2017. During his time at Essex he became one of the foremost political scientists and commentators of his generation. Equally erudite in the scholarship of both UK and US politics, he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2010. In addition to his academic work, King carved out a formidable career in political journalism; writing for national newspapers and for many years becoming a mainstay of BBC’s television’s election night coverage. In later years King was also a member of both the Nolan (later Neill) Committee on Standards in Public Life (est. 1994) and the Wakeham Commission on Reform of the House of Lords (1999). This Archive, which has been assembled with the help and agreement of King’s wife, Jan, covers all aspects of his life: teaching, university administration, academic writing, journalism and public service. Of particular interest are papers on the early years and subsequent merger of the SDP acquired from one of its founders, Shirley Williams.

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Levene/Sky Television Political Interviews Video Archive

This collection of VHS videotapes, presented to the Library in February 1996 by Mr. Martin Levene, producer Sky News, 1989-1992, consists of recordings of the first 354 'Target' programmes, hosted by Austin Mitchell, MP, and Norman Tebbit, MP (later Lord Tebbit), during the period 1989-1992. The archive also contains recordings of 60 editions of 'The Editors' programme and 6 programmes from the 'Challenge' (religious affairs) series. 

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Richard E. Neustadt Collection

Donated to the Library in December 2014 by Baroness Williams of Crosby, this collection is concerned with the later academic life of her late husband, Richard E. Neustadt, 1919-2003. A native of Philadelphia, Richard Elliott Neustadt was one of the most prominent political scientists of his generation. A specialist in the politics of the US presidency, Neustadt wrote the seminal study, Presidential Power (1960), and acted as an advisor to Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton. At various times he also held chairs at Cornell, Columbia and Harvard. In 1987, several years after the death of his first wife, Neustadt married the British politician Shirley Williams. The papers in this collection date from 1992 to 2002, during which time he lived with her in the UK for most of the year. Neustadt was a teacher, mentor and close friend to US Vice-President Al Gore, and there are several letters from Gore in the collection.

Hermione Harris Nicaraguan Collection #

Three boxes of grey literature and personal papers relating to the first Sandinista government of Nicaragua (1979-1990). Donated by Hermione Harris in 2007.

Nolan Committee Papers #

The establishment of the Committee on Standards of Conduct in Public Life was announced by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on 25 October 1994. The Committee’s terms of reference included the examination of concerns at that time about standards of conduct of holders of public office, civil servants and National Health Service bodies. The Committee was chaired by Lord Nolan of Brasted (1994 – 97) and Lord Neill of Bladen (1997 – 2001). The collection includes evidence to the Committee (for the First Report), video tapes of meetings held in 1995, press cuttings, and transcripts of speeches given by Lord Nolan on public life, governance and the executive.

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Archives Of The Tawney Society *

The Tawney Society - the "Think tank of the SDP" - placed its archives on indefinite deposit with the Library in 1991. The collection consists of a complete set of Tawney Society publications, and committee papers and minutes.

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Tony Rich Archive

Donated in 2009 by Dr Tony Rich, Registrar at the University of Essex from 1999 to 2011, the archive consists of 12 boxes of material associated with Dr Rich's 1983 Ph.D. at the University of Manchester, on the development of the Zimbabwe nationalist movement 1963-1980.

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Lord Rodgers Of Quarrybank SDP Papers

The correspondence and papers of Bill Rodgers covering the period 1979 (Campaign for Labour Victory)-1987 (Liberal & Social Democrats), together with Tawney Society papers (1985-1987).

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Paul Sieghart Memorial Archive *#

This archive consists of 94 boxes of material from the papers of the late Paul Sieghart (1927-1989), law reformer, international arbitrator, writer and past Chairman of Justice (British Section of International Commission of Jurists). The archive includes texts of lectures delivered by Mr. Sieghart, drafts of books and articles, and reviews of his published output. The boxes also contain photocopies of articles from learned journals, press cuttings, and documents and booklets relating to human rights around the world. In 2006 the collection was augmented by approximately 300 French and German volumes on 19th century European history, with particular emphasis on Bismarck and Napoleon.

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Social Democratic Party (SDP) Archives *

The very substantial archives of the SDP were acquired between 1988 and 1994. The collection consists of some 80 m. of SDP committee minutes and papers, administrative records, publications (including policy papers and Council for Social Democracy records), local SDP files, speeches of the 'Gang of Four', a newspaper cuttings collection, and a small number of video-tapes. The archives cover the period 1980-1987. More recently, the papers of Lord Alec McGivan, The Rt. Hon. Robert Maclennan, Sir Ian Wrigglesworth, Lord Rodgers of Quarrybank and Mr Douglas Eden have been acquired.

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Papers Of The Third London Airport Controversy #

Newspaper cuttings, correspondence and papers, 1970-1972, relating to the proposal for a Third London Airport at Foulness Island, Essex. In addition to material originally received from Councillor D.C. Wood and Major General W. Odling, the collection was greatly enhanced in 2014 by papers donated by Mr Patrick Arnold, erstwhile Chairman of the Foulness Island Residents Committee. Mr Arnold’s papers include drawings, submissions to the Roskill Commission, correspondence, posters and the manuscript of an unpublished book.

Lord Thomson Of Monifieth Papers

This collection relates to the life and work of George Thomson, Baron Thomson of Monifieth, 1921-2008, Cabinet Minister in the Wilson Government and later European Commissioner and Chairman of the Independent Broadcasting Authority. The archive, which occupies some 15 boxes, contains much on international affairs – particularly in relation to the European Community and Rhodesian Oil Sanctions – as well as files on broadcasting and Lord Thomson’s resignation from the Shadow Cabinet in April 1972.  

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Watergate Collection

Named after the Watergate Investigation of 1974, this collection is an invaluable source of material for the study of the U.S. Administration of that period. The collection includes various series of U.S. official publications, of which the transcripts of the hearings of the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Activity and the hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary are of particular interest. In addition to official publications, the collection includes books and newspaper cuttings relating to Watergate.