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by John Stammers on 2018-11-01T13:34:00+00:00 in Events | Comments


 To coincide with Black History Month, Library Services and Dr. Ilaria Boncori hosted an afternoon to promote a new book: 'Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion'. University of Essex staff and students have contributed chapters focusing on personal experiences, research and academic reflections on socio-cultural, educational and financial issues. A number of contributing authors discussed the chapters they had written, the research they had done and answered questions from the audience.

The range of modules taught at the university that relate to various aspects of Race and Ethnicity was also shared. Below are a select number of those modules that have reading lists that can be found on Talis.



School of Philosophy and Art History

AR219: Art in Latin America

CS141: Introduction to Contemporary Latin America

CS201: The World in Question: the Social, Political and Psychological Legacies of the Enlightenment

CS261: America: Centres and Margins, Borders and Boundaries

CS300: Community Engagement: Group Projects


Essex Business School

BE480: Equality and Diversity



GV103: Introduction to International Relations

GV150: Power and Politics

GV241: Political Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

GV543: Human Rights and Global Justice


School of Law

HU100: Foundations of Human Rights

HU921: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity

HU924: Religion and Human Rights

HU925: Human Rights, International Relations and Diplomacy

LW244: The Protection of Human Rights in the UK

LW430: Introduction to the Law of the European Union

LW806: Conflict and the UN: Law Relating to the Use of Force, Peacekeeping, Sanctions & Counter Terrorism



HR103: Hidden Histories: Class, Gender and the Rise of British Democracy

HR225: Cultures of Activism: Protest in Britain, 1958-2003

HR291: Human Rights in Historical Perspective


Language and Linguistics

LA910: Initial Mandarin Chinese

LA920: Lower Intermediate Mandarin Chinese

LG448: American Languages


Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies

LT207: World Cinema

LT246: Postcolonial Perspectives: Literature through the Ages

LT336: Cultural Ideology and Film

LT337: Expanding the Caribbean

LT965: “There is a Continent Outside My Window”: United States and Caribbean Literatures in Dialogue



PS111: Discovering Psychology: The Science Behind Human Behaviour

PS486: Culture and Psychology



SC101: Researching Social Life I

SC920: Colonialism, Cultural Diversity and Human Rights


We'd like to thank the presenters for leading the event and sharing their research and/or personal experiences; it was eye-opening to say the very least. We'd also like to thank those who attended and for the feedback we received. 

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