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University of Essex Alumni exhibition: Student Life

The University of Essex has always had a large variety of events and societies for students to get involved with, along with the everyday events of lectures and socialising with friends. It’s this variety of the extraordinary and mundane which creates a memorable experience at Essex that we still remember today.

University societies are one way which many people choose to socialise, and the University of Essex has a diverse range of societies, from football and circus skills to social, religious and cultural societies, which are showcased every year at the Fresher’s Fair. Fresher’s Fair offers students an insight into everything they can get involved with at Essex and a greater insight into student life beyond lectures and their flatmates.

There have also been more memorable events at the University of Essex, such as Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown Prince of Japan visiting the Colchester Campus. However, we also cannot forget the everyday events, such as dances put on at the University, visiting the SU bar and spending time with new and old friends.