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University of Essex Alumni exhibition: Accommodation

Student accommodation is part of everyday student life and can help form our overall university experience. The University of Essex is of course most well known for its iconic Towers, which can be seen on the horizon regardless of where you approach the University from. However, the other University of Essex accommodation, both on and off campus are equally important for student life.

The University is comprised of seven different areas of accommodation on campus, The Towers, South Courts, The Houses, Wolfson Court, University Quays, The Meadows and The Copse. Each accommodation on campus is unique and comes with it’s on memories.

There is also the University accommodation which can be found off campus, including Avon Way, Forest Road, Greenstead House, The Maltings, Hythe Mills, 27 Magdalen Street and Elmstead Place, all of which are now privately owned.

The University of Essex is constantly expanding and is currently building an expansion for The Meadows and has seen an increase in private student accommodation, such as Elmstead Place and 27 Magdalen Street, which both opened in September of 2020.