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University of Essex Alumni exhibition: Opening of the University

The University of Essex was established in 1963. In 1964, the University welcomed 122 students. The university committed to excellence in teaching and research, at the heart of both will be “radical innovation.” Placing student success at the core of our mission, the core of the University is to create impact through our research. Our attitude is open to achieving our goals and to bring curiosity to explore innovative ways of thinking and to break boundaries.

'A new kind of university... where students could live and learn... and research really mattered' –this was the founding vision of Essex’s first Vice-Chancellor Sir Albert Sloman.

The architecture of Essex encouraged a sense of community that was designed to connect social and educational space. The University’s iconic building such as the Albert Sloman Library and The Hexagon, became “Brutalist” with the architect’s design, the purpose was to create "something intense for them to work in."