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Floor 2 Refurbishment

Your Space

We're really excited to show you what we're going to be doing with the space.

We've talked with members of the University through the Library Advisory Group,  as well as carrying out touchpoint tours with regular users of the current floor 2 to try and make the space the best it can be to support you with your studies.

This will be the new layout of the floor. All desks will have power. The planned changes to layout should make the most of the space in terms of natural light, as well as making it easier to see which study spaces are available and providing a more logical sequence for books and journals on the shelves.

Touchpoint tours

During March we asked regular users of floor 2 to tell us about your experiences via our whiteboard and via "touchpoint tours" (telling us how you use the floor and what's important to you). You said the following:

  • The floor looked outdated and the furniture needed modernising
  • The desks in the central area were not ideal and therefore not much used
  • The blinds needed replacing to reduce heat/glare from the sun
  • Plug sockets were needed at every desk so more people could bring laptops
  • The current layout can feel claustrophobic

We have designed the refurbishment with these points in mind, and believe that this will deliver a much improved environment for everyone.