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Information specific to students based at our Southend campus.

Introducing Autorenewals!

Introducing Autorenewals!



We have introduced Autorenewals on University of Essex books at Southend.

This means that when you take out a book it will automatically renew for you for up to a year unless someone else needs it. If someone else requests the book you have on loan, you will be notified by email and told when to bring it back.

Benefits of Autorenewals:

  • You can keep books for up to a year if no one else needs them
  • Only get fines if you return an item someone else needs late
  • All you need to do is keep an eye on your emails to know when you have to return

What wont autorenew?

  • Intercampus or Interlibrary loans
  • Laptop loans
  • Books from the Southend City Council or South Essex College Collections

The book I need is on loan, won’t autorenewals stop it coming back?

  • If you need a book you can request it through the Southend On Sea Library Search and if it is already on loan, the person with the book will be asked to return it

How do I know if it’s a University of Essex, South Essex College or Southend City Council Book?

  • Before you take out a book, you can check details in the library search by searching for title and clicking ‘view availability’ at the bottom of the record. University of Essex books will say: ‘University of Essex- Held at Southend Forum’

 - If you already have the book on loan, go to your account, select the title of the book and click ‘View availability’ to see the collection it is from.

- If a book you borrowed is from a collection other than ‘The University of Essex’ you should make a note of the due date and return or renew by that date.

- Nearly all books relevant to your course will be from the University collection.