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ASL Access Routes: Home

With the Paternoster lift down, we know that navigating the library is going to be more difficult, so we've opened up more access routes to help you get around the library with ease.

G-5 - Behind the Paternoster, there's a staircase and lift to all floors.

1-5 - In the Ivor Crewe side wing, there's a staircase for floors 1 to 5

2-5 - In the Teaching Centre side wing, there's a staircase and lift for floors 2 to 5

Paternoster Update 27/08/2019

A refurbishment programme for the paternoster will be carried out during 2019/20. The exact programme of works is yet to be finalised and we’ll have further updates as plans progress, including details of new safety and design features which will form part of the works. It is likely that there may be some disruption caused as part of the works, but we will liaise with colleagues in Estates to keep this to a minimum and to warn our users in advance of any particularly noisy or disruptive periods.