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Your Library During Exam Season

Colchester Library

Find Your Zone

Colchester library is split into 3 different zones, so you can decide to work in the conditions that work for you.

Our 3 zones are:

Type of zone

Individual silent study zone

Group quiet study zone

Individual quiet study zone


Floor 5, South Wing

Floor 1, Student Collection

Floor 1, Special Collections (9am-4pm, Mon-Fri, 29 April to 6 June)

Floors 2-5 Landings

Floors 2-5 Group Study Rooms (North Wing)

Ground Floor, Library Reading Room

Floors 2-5, North and South Wing


Hot and cold drinks are welcome

No food please

Keep mobile phones on silent

Respect other members of the library community that need silence

Feel free to enjoy drinks and cold food

Put any rubbish in the bins provided

No hot or strong smelling food please

Conversations about study are welcome

Hot and cold drinks are welcome

No food please

Put any rubbish in the bins provided

Keep conversation to a minimum and voices low


Take A Break

Essays and exams are important, but so is your health.

Remember to take regular breaks, drink plenty, and take time to relax.

Why not relax in our Take a Break area on the ground floor? Here you can find bean bags, colouring books, and the positivity wall (where you can write notes to cheer on other students).

You can also borrow self-help books from our Success in Mind display ranging from self-care to other people's experiences with stress.

Shut Up and Revise

Shut Up and Revise sessions run by the TDC in May.
When: Weds 8th May and Weds 15th May, 1-4.30pm
Where: Group Study Room 2, Albert Sloman Library
Facilitated by an experienced tutor - these are similar to the Shut Up and Write sessions held in the library.
During the workshop you will be given blocks of time in a peaceful environment to focus on revision. Tea and coffee is provided.
Book through 

Find out more about TDC workshops on this page; they are also running Mindfulness for Exams and Exam Preparation Workshops.

We're Here to Help

If you need help while in the library, why not ask a Rover?

Our Rovers walk around the library and are there to help you with:

  • Finding books
  • Searching for books and articles on our catalogue
  • To give directions
  • Talk to people that are being too noisy 
  • Ensure that the library is a nice place to work in

Rovers wear the yellow library lanyard and are there to help.


If noise is affecting you in the library, you can text us on 07757 290 664 telling us where you are and what the problem is.

We'll send somebody as soon as possible to deal with the problem so that you can get back to your work in peace and quiet.

Golden Tickets

We will be hiding Golden Tickets around the library; if you find one, you can exchange it at Buffalo Joe's Diner for a drink to help you along with your studies.

For more information on how and where you can use these tickets, take a look at our Golden Tickets T&Cs.